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Easter Math Worksheets

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Dividing Decimals: Easter Treats

Spring into money math with this great worksheet that challenges your child to think of the cost of things and work with subtracting and dividing decimals.

Easter Word Problems #1

Get ready for Easter! These colorful word problems will get your child in the mood for this spring holiday as he practices basic math.

Clock Work: Telling Time

Tick-tock, watch the clock! Help your child practice telling time with an analog clock.

Word Problems for Easter!

Celebrate Easter with some math! Your first grader will read word problems and then solve basic addition equations.

Two-Digit Addition

Is your second grader grappling the concept of adding two-digit numbers together? Practice makes perfect and this Easter-themed math worksheet can help!

4-Digit Addition

Help your child practice adding four-digit and three-digit numbers! This Easter-themed math worksheet is more interesting than your average printable.

Spring Math: Jelly Bean Probability

Spring into spring with some probability practice.

Easter Subtraction

The Easter bunny's been busy hiding colorful eggs all over the yard. Each one has an Easter subtraction problem for your first grader to solve.

Easter Fractions

Help the Easter Bunny as he hunts for equations with whole numbers as the product. Your student will practice multiplying fractions.

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