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Kindergarten Story Starters

Beautiful story pages! I use these 1st grade writing prompts with my kindergartners as a fun storytelling exercise.
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Crocodile Story Starter

What happens when a crocodile has a toothache? Get together with your little storyteller for a fun creative writing activity.

Fish Story Starter

Do fish drive around from place to place? Have a fun storytelling adventure with your child and create an imaginative story to go with this picture.

Rhino Story Starter

Inspire your little storyteller to exercise her imagination with an adorable story starter! How did this rhino become a ballerina?

Silly Story Starter

Have you ever heard of a giraffe that loves to roller skate? This fun-filled story starter is sure to put a smile on your little writer's face.

Jungle Story Starter

What kinds of games would you play in the jungle? Give your little monkey a fun way to practice her storytelling skills with this story starter prompt.

Cute Hedgehog

What would you get Hedgehog for his birthday? Enjoy a fun story starter with your budding author, a great way for her to exercise her creativity.

Snail Story Starter

What would happen if two snails entered a race? Start your own story with these slow-and-steady snails!

Peacock Writing Prompt

Imagine what would happen if a crow wanted to be a peacock! Give your little storyteller a fun way to practice her creative writing with this prompt.

Space Story Starter

Allow your child to dream about what goes on high over her head with this story starter worksheet that encourages your child to think about life in space.

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