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OMG, Origami!

I love origami! These ones are pretty simple, and fun to do with your kids. They could also make great art activities in the classroom.
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Origami Christmas Ornaments

Oragami Christmas ornaments make a beautiful addition to your family's tree. Make origami Christmas ornaments out of old wrapping paper this holiday season.

Build a Balloon...Out of Paper!

Teach your fifth grader the ancient Japanese art of origami with this incredible origami balloon that uses just one piece of paper!

Origami Pinwheel

Invite your child to create a lovely windmill using the ancient art of origami.

Origami Flower Bouquet

Your child can cut and fold her way to lots of lovely spring tulips through the art of origami!

Origami Star

Make your own 3D origami star by cutting out the strip of paper and folding it according to the instructions and pictures provided.

Origami Crown

Princes and princesses, learn to make your own crowns with this fun worksheet. Follow the instructions and be ready to play!

Origami Whale

Origami is an ancient art, but is fun and easy to learn at home! Learn to fold a paper whale with this cool worksheet.

Origami Sailboat

Learn the ancient art of origami, and fold twin paper sailboats with this fun worksheet!

Origami Elephant

Learning to fold origami is challenging, but fun! Make your own paper elephant with this cool origami worksheet.

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