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Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts

Try these great arts and crafts ideas for your preschoolers during the Thanksgiving season.
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Handprint Turkey

Make a handprint turkey with your child to celebrate Thanksgiving. A handprint turkey makes a great base for Thanksgiving coasters, note cards, or place cards.

Make a Tissue Box Thanksgiving Turkey

Make this turkey craft with your child to get into the Thanksgiving spirit. This turkey craft is made of a tissue box and other assorted craft supplies.

Make a Thanksgiving Appreciation Book

This Thanksgiving book is an entertaining activity that will review important kindergarten basics, while also teaching your little one about showing gratitude.

Make a Paper Plate Teepee

Make a paper plate teepee! This simple preschool Thanksgiving activity is a great way to give your child a little history lesson and involve her in decorating!

Make an Apple Turkey!

It's Thanksgiving, so why not celebrate of the turkey? Let the little ones partake in the turkey fun, without having to do any of the carving.

Make a Tissue Paper Turkey

Create an adorable, non-edible turkey decked out with colorful bursts of tissue paper that pop off the page.

Make a Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Your preschooler or kindergartener will learn about Thanksgiving and the symbolic Fall cornucopia with this festive homemade decoration activity!

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