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Pumpkin Coloring Pages

Color these pumpkins with your little ones, and fill the house with some Halloween spirit.
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Color the Jack-o'-Lantern Scarecrow

This scarecrow is ready to frighten with a jack-o'-lantern for a head. Color him in for a bit of Halloween fun.

Jack-o'-Lantern Coloring Page

Help these jack-o'-lantern buddies prepare for Halloween by giving them some spooky color!

Spooky Pumpkins Coloring Page

Start your Halloween night off right with this coloring page of some spooky pumpkins.

Color the Spooky Halloween Scene

This Halloween coloring page features jack o' lanterns, cats, witches and ghosts.

Color the Grinning Jack O' Lantern

This simple Halloween coloring page features a grinning jack o' lantern.

Pumpkin Patch Coloring Page

Some of these pumpkins look like they're ready to be picked! This coloring page features a farmer going on a drive through his pumpkin patch.

Halloween Coloring Page

Give this Halloween coloring page to your child and she's sure to be in the Halloween mood by the time she's finished coloring.

Color the Jack-'o-Lantern Scene

This Halloween scene features a trio of scary jack-o'-lanterns and a creepy vampire bat.

Color the Jack-o'-Lantern

Can your kid color this jack-o'-lantern based on the word written in each shape? Great sight word practice.

Color the Jack O' Lantern Trio

The trio of scary pumpkins on this coloring sheet have been carved to represent some famous Halloween monsters. Can your child figure out which ones?

Color the Crazy Jack-o'-Lanterns

Here's a trio of crazy jack-o'-lanterns that's guaranteed to get your child ready for some Halloween fun.

Giant Pumpkin Coloring Page

This pumpkin coloring page features a pumpkin so big, two kids have to carry it. Try this giant pumpkin coloring page that's perfect for fall.

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