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Thanksgiving for Kids

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Here are a few activities and coloring pages that will get your kids excited about turkey-day too!
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Make Thanksgiving Finger Puppets!

Your first or second grader will love making these Pilgrim and Native American felt finger puppets this coming Thanksgiving.

Three Outdoor Pilgrim Games

Pilgrim games are fun for the whole family before and after Thanksgiving dinner. These Pilgrim games take your family outdoors on for fun, traditional games.

Race the Thanksgiving Turkeys

Here's a fun game that you can take anywhere! Kids practice counting and boost direction-following skills as they race the turkeys from start to finish.

Design a Native American Headpiece

Get your first grader into the Thanksgiving spirit by encouraging her to dress up as a Native American with her very own extravagant looking headpiece.

Design a Native American Vest

Breathe new life into Thanksgiving legends by getting your kindergartener into character this holiday with a nifty Native American vest.

Craft a Paper Quiver and Arrows

Watch your kindergartener release her inner archer and develop her fine motor skills as she creates this paper arrow and quiver set.

Play Pilgrim Dress-Up

Show your child how to make an adorable Pilgrim bonnet or hat. This is a great arts and crafts activity to do with your child this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Puzzle

This Thanksgiving puzzle is a great pre-dinner activity. Be the first in your family to complete the Thanksgiving puzzle, and win!

Play Thanksgiving Tic-Tac-Toe

Keep your child occupied during holiday downtime with Thanksgiving tic-tac-toe.

Play the Iroquois Plate Game

This Thanksgiving, try playing this fun Native American game with the whole family.

Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Preschoolers will be sure to get into the Thanksgiving spirit when adding color to this scene featuring a cornucopia overflowing with food.

Color the Thanksgiving Picture

Teach your child what Thanksgiving is all about with a Happy Thanksgiving coloring page.

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