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Chinese New Year

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Spring Math: Jelly Bean Probability

Spring into spring with some probability practice.

Make a Color-by-Letter Flag: China

This printable is packed with learning--introducing your kindergartener to the Chinese flag and the letter A, in one fell swoop.

Write a Letter: My Penpal from China

Ling, a young girl from China, has sent your child a letter. Using the letter outline, encourage her to write a letter back to Ling about her life and dreams.

Multicultural Coloring: China

A coloring sheet for 1st graders about traditional clothing from around the world. This one is of a Chinese girl in traditional dress.

Color the Great Wall of China

A coloring sheet of the Great Wall of China, for use with 1st graders studying world geography.

Ancient Chinese Dynasties: Ming

Your young student will step back in time with this worksheet on the Ming Dynasty. He'll build comprehension skills as he learns some ancient history.

Chinese Shadow Puppets

Shadow puppets are a traditional form of folk art that originated in ancient China. Help your child create his own puppet and put on a show!

Chinese Flag Coloring Page

Would your child recognize China's flag if she saw it? She sure will after she completes this fun coloring page!

Chinese Scroll Painting

Encourage your child to make a Chinese scroll painting as part of his world history or art studies, or just to pass the time on a weekend.

Traditional Chinese Clothing

People all around the globe have many different ways of dressing! Learn about a traditional outfit for Chinese girls and boys with this worksheet.

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