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All About Ghosts

Get ready for a ghostly reading activity! Here's a Halloween sheet that will teach your child all about ghosts and the history behind these spooks.

All About Vampires

Sink your teeth into this fun reading and writing activity, and learn all about vampires! Your child will read some history behind these Halloween villains.

All About Witches

We've brewed up a powerful potion this Halloween to help hone reading and writing skills! Learn all about witches with a fun info sheet.

All About Zombies

Get into the spirit of Halloween with a spooky info page, all about zombies! Your child will learn the ways of the walking dead as he hones his reading skills.

All About Mummies

Unwrap the history behind a spooky Halloween favorite: mummies! With this reading worksheet, your child will learn all about mummies.

Easy Algebra

Let your fifth grader get easy algebra practice with a row of dancing skeletons and a ghost or two. This spooky worksheet makes finding x an adventure.

Fill in the Zombie Story

Get spooked with a zombie fill-in-the-blank story! This exercise helps kids review parts of speech and grammar.

Planting Pumpkins!

Planting pumpkins can be a breeze with this fun gardening guide. Have your child help you color in this picture as you read a bit about pumpkin care.

Halloween Tree

The Halloween tree is all the rage right now, so encourage your child to construct this Halloween tree out of paper.

Haunted House Worksheet

This haunted house worksheet shows you how to make a 3D haunted house using only paper and tape. Try this haunted house worksheet this October.

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