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Find the Letter J: Jack Be Nimble

Searching for a phonics worksheet that can help your child with his reading skills? This printable will help him identify the letter J.

Jack Be Nimble Coloring Page

Bring this Jack Be Nimble coloring page to life with crayons! Color nimble Jack, decked out in star-spangled pajamas as he jumps over candlesticks.

Georgie Porgie

What is Georgie Porgie up to? Build phonics and comprehension skills with this nursery rhyme worksheet.

Color the World! Flamenco

Travel to Spain and learn all about flamenco, a traditional style of music and dance.

Spain Facts

Take a historical tour of Spain, home of the Running of the Bulls! Learn all about this Spanish-speaking country's diverse regions, dialects, and traditions.

Spain Landmarks

Here's a challenge for even the most knowledgeable geography whiz! Match up the famous landmarks of Spain.

Acid Rain

In this project, the affect of acid rain is simulated by the acid, vinegar.

Acid Rain: Should We Be Concerned?

This science fair project idea will be examining oxidation and acid rain

Why Does It Rain?

Without rain, we wouldn't have any puddles to splash and stomp in. Does your third grader know why and how rain falls from the clouds?

R is for Rain

R is for rain, which is celebrated by the Tonga people of Zambia in a holiday called Lwiindi. This worksheet will show you how to make a rain stick.

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