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Create a Calendar!

Personalize all 12 months of the year
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Create a Calendar!

Kids learn about the first month of the year with this fill-in-the-date calendar printable that they can color, too.

Create a Calendar: February

Kids learn about the shortest month of the year with this fill-in-the-date calendar. With pictures they can color in, it's sure to keep them entertained.

Create a Calendar: March

Teach your preschooler all about the month of March with this fun calendar printable that comes un-numbered so he can fill in the dates himself.

Create a Calendar: April

Here's a fun calendar printable that challenges kids to fill in all the dates of the month themselves, then lets them color in the pictures.

Create a Calendar: May

With cute pictures she can color, this calendar printable is sure to keep your kid entertained as she fills in all the dates and practices counting from 1-31.

Create a Calendar: June

This cute calendar coloring page is just the thing to help your kids practice counting while learning the days of the week and months of the year.

Create a Calendar: July

With pictures to color and dates to fill in, this fun calendar is full of things to do and learn and is sure to keep your preschooler interested.

Create a Calendar: August

Help your preschooler grasp the idea of passing time with this cute calendar page. Part counting practice, part coloring fun, it's more than just a calendar.

Create a Calendar: September

Packed with counting, handwriting, and coloring activities, this calendar page is chock full of educational value.

Create a Calendar: October

This October Hallowen calendar helps your child learn the days of the week. Use this October Halloween calendar to celebrate holidays and everyday.

Create a Calendar: November

Help your kids grasp the concept of calendars while practicing counting and writing numbers with this cute fill-in-the-date November calendar printable.

Create a Calendar: December

Put your kid's counting skills to work with this fill-in-the-date calendar page. Full of fun pictures to color, you don't have to worry about him getting bored.

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