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Who's on Mount Rushmore...

With the kids excited for a trip to see this monument, it's an excuse to slip in some U.S. history. These worksheets made it pretty easy.
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Presidential Name Scramble

This great brain teaser challenges your child to unscramble president names and a riddle. It's a fun Presidents Day worksheet featuring Mount Rushmore!

Color the World! Mount Rushmore

Learn more about this cultural icon with this Color the World social studies sheet.

U.S. Presidents: Matching Game V

How many of our presidents can you name? Challenge your middle school student with this great series of match-up games, featuring U.S. presidents!

“One of my kiddos is super into trivia so this was great for him, plus the others just got to learn random interesting facts.”
Color a Mandala of Presidents

Let your child step into U.S. history in a fun way: by coloring this presidential mandala that features Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln!

Theodore Roosevelt Coloring Page

Introduce the U.S. presidents to your child with this fun coloring page featuring Theodore Roosevelt, our 26th president.

U.S. Presidents: Matching Game X

Want to get your middle school student savvy on U.S. history? Here is a challenging series of match-up games, featuring U.S. presidents!

ASL Finger Spelling: Contentment

Find out what Theodore Roosevelt said about being content by translating the sign language letters into alphabetical letters to reveal the famous quote.

U.S. Presidents: Matching Game I

How well do you know your country's past presidents? Here is a challenging series of match-up games, featuring U.S. presidents!

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