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5th Grade Vocabulary/Spelling

Collection of Vocabulary words, definitions and spelling practice.
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Synonyms for Friend

Does your son have a chum, comrade, or confidant? These are all another way to say "friend"! He'll expand his vocabulary as he practices using synonyms.

Vocab in History: Preamble to the Constitution

Give your 5th grader's vocabulary a boost with help from the Preamble to the Constitution. This worksheet packs vocab and history practice all in one.

Vocab in History: Declaration of Independence

Give your 5th grader's vocabulary a boost while deepening his U.S. history knowledge with this social studies worksheet.

Build Vocabulary 15

Your fifth grader will learn impressive words like "tenacious" and "strident" in this vocabulary builder worksheet. Learn some new words with this worksheet.

Build Vocabulary 14

Reinforce known and new words with your child using this vocabulary worksheet. Learn words like "recitation," "incorporate," and more.

Build Vocabulary 8

Teach your fifth grader words like ancient, option, and achievement with this vocabulary worksheet. Learn the meanings and spellings of these words and more.

Build Vocabulary 13

Words like "antagonist" and "transient" are confusing for adults and kids. Fifth graders will learn these words and more in this vocabulary worksheet.

Build Vocabulary 12

Help your fifth grader build vocabulary and spelling skills with this worksheets, which includes words like renowned, consequence, and exhausted.

Vocabulary Words

Build your child's vocabulary and spelling skills with this focused series.

Vocabulary List

This vocabulary list includes words like "appreciate" and "petulant." Build your child's vocabulary with this vocabulary list.

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