Created by Christine Selna

Fall Theme

Worksheets all having to do with the fall season for your little ones.
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Fall Word Scramble

Are those leaves falling from the sky? It must be fall! Rake up the scrambled letters to spell out words related to the autumn season.

Autumn Decorations

Decorate for the fall season with this fun paper craft! You and your child can color in these leaves and string them into a fall leaves banner.

Color by Number Raccoon

This worksheet is a great way to boost those writing muscles in a fun and colorful way. Can your child figure out which animal is featured?

Autumn Leaves Coloring Page

Break out those autumn reds, oranges, and yellows and give some color to these falling leaves.

Fall Find It!

Challenge your first grader to find the two leaves in each box that match in size, shape and color. He'll be building pattern recognition skills as he goes.

Autumn Tree Coloring Page

This autumn tree coloring page will have you breaking out your red, orange, and yellow crayons!

Acrostic Fall Poem

Try your hand at an acrostic fall poem, a popular writing activity for kids.

Fall Mandala

Fall is definitely in the air on this printable. Can your child add some color to this seasonal mandala coloring page?

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