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Pattern Recognition

Collection of pattern finishing - math for PreK-K
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Easy Word Search: T through W

Try this easy word search with your child, and help prep him for reading and writing. Kids use letter know-how to search for words that start with T, U, and W.

Pattern Practice!

Give your child practice completing a simple sequence of shapes with this printable worksheet that will develop his logic skills.

What's the Buzz? Practicing Patterns

This worksheet helps your preschooler with patterns by challenging her to find the sequence in this bug parade.

Draw It! Patterns #1

Want to help your preschooler get ready for school? Teach him how to recognize and complete simple patterns with help from this shape-filled worksheet.

Draw It! Patterns #2

Here's a worksheet that's sure to get your preschooler in the mood for math. Help him study the patterns of simple shapes, then draw the shape that comes next.

Color the Spring Things Path

A duck wants to get to the pond! On this prekindergarten math and science worksheet, kids follow a pattern of spring things to help the duck get to the pond.

Patterning: Apples

Looking for a worksheet to help your preschooler with patterning? This printable is all about finding the pattern in a simple series!

A-maze-ing Shapes: Follow the Triangles

Learning simple shapes is fun with this cute printable maze that helps preschoolers practice recognizing triangles.

Create Your Own Pattern

Kids color in the diamonds and triangles to create their own patterns on this prekindergarten math worksheet.

Clowns: Silly Faces

The clowns on this prekindergarten math worksheet are displaying their emotions in patterns. Kids study each pattern to determine which face should come next.

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