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Blends, Diagraphs, Vowel sounds, and syllables
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Cherry the Chimp: Words Ending with -Mp

This printable first grade worksheet will help your child with ending letters to boost his reading skills.

Ou Sound

Did you know the "ou" sound has more than one sound? Get to know this vowel blend a bit better with a match-the-sound activity.

"Ph" Words: A Word Family Book

Looking for a phonics worksheet to help your child with beginning word sounds? This printable will give him practice with words that start with "ph".

Breakfast Consonant Blends

Get ready for a healthy and nutritious start to the day, with consonant blends! This activity will help your child learn important consonant sounds.

Farm Consonant Clusters

Moo... Bahh... What other sounds do we hear on a farm? Challenge your child's phonics know-how with a fun worksheet, all about consonant blends.

Colors and Consonant Clusters

With this fun phonics sheet, your child will get acquainted with some consonant clusters as she reviews her colors.

Short U Long U Worksheet

Short u long u worksheets help kids practice their phonics skills. This exercise uses fun images to teach kids about all the sounds the letter u makes.

K Sound: Carl Loves Chameleons

On this third grade reading and writing worksheet, kids label each picture, circling the letters that make the k sound in each word: k, c, ch, or ck.

Consonant Blend Scavenger Hunt

Combine kids' love of scavenger hunts with consonant blends to create a fun game that's perfect for everything from birthday parties to rainy days at home.

Beginning Blends 1

These picture names are each missing the first two letters which make a consonant blend. Kids choose the correct blend and write it to complete the word.

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