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Explore the Four Components of Blood

This activity will introduce your child to the four different components of blood and give him a fun way to visualize its properties.

Play Busy Bees

Chock full of cute and colorful graphics, this fun board game is guaranteed to please your preschooler.

Cutting Lines: What's in the Grass?

Kids use their cutting and coloring skills to make grass for the bugs to hide in on this prekindergarten arts and crafts and coloring worksheet.

Penny Bug Race

In this printable board game, preschoolers take turns rolling a die and moving their penny bugs around the board. They'll have fun and practice counting, too!

Cut and Categorize #4

Which of these cute images are insects, and which are animals? Can your preschooler put them into categories?

Complete a Flower Fill-In!

How much does your preschooler know about the parts of a flower? This colorful worksheet tests her flower knowledge!

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