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PreK - K Letter Recognition

Mazes, worksheets and pictures - help your child remember proper letter identification for both upper and lower case letters.
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Play Alphabet and Number Derby

Learning letters and numbers can be a chore, but throw them in a game and kids won't mind the learning at all!

Measuring and the Alphabet

Reinforce alphabet and number recognition with a colorful math worksheet for basic measuring skills!

Easy Word Search: A, B, C

This easy word search is perfect for your kindergarten child to start on his reading and writing skills.

Easy Word Search: C, D, E, F

Work up an appetite with this food-themed coloring sheet and word search puzzle!

Easy Word Search: T through W

Try this easy word search with your child, and help prep him for reading and writing. Kids use letter know-how to search for words that start with T, U, and W.

Letter "T" Puzzle

'T' is for terrific, just like this alphabet puzzle! Your young one can have fun while learning words that start with 'T.'

Letter "L" Puzzle

The letter 'L' and learning go together! Share this fun alphabet puzzle page with your little one, and he'll get to learn some new 'L' sight words.

Letter "O" Puzzle

'O' is for orange, owl and one in this charming puzzle! Your little one can learn the letter 'O' in a fun, interactive way.

Letter "K" Puzzle

Kick-start alphabet learning for your kindergartener with this kooky "K" jigsaw puzzle! Your child can practice reasoning skills as he practices his ABC's.

Letter "F" Puzzle

Feast your eyes on this "F" letter puzzle! Show your kindergartener why F stands for fun with this simple, colorful jigsaw puzzle.

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