Created by Christine Selna

PreK - K Sequencing Practice

pages of sequencing - what comes next? what comes last? What comes first? etc.
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Predict: First and Next

Build your kindergartener's logical thinking skills by asking him to connect pictures that show what came first and what comes next.

What Happens Next?

This fun sequencing worksheet will help your child practice putting events in order, which will prepare her for reading comprehension.

First, Second, Third: A Baking Challenge

Help your child with his reasoning skills with this printable worksheet that asks him to develop a logical sequence for baking a cake.

First, Second, Third: A Gardener's Thumb

Give your child help strengthening his reasoning with this printable worksheet, which asks him to place events in a logical order.

First, Second, Third: An Apple A Day

Cut out these cards and challenge your child to create a logical sequence of events to describe how an apple makes it from the tree to the table.

Predict: First and Next #2

Kids match pictures showing what came first with pictures showing what came next.

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