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PreK - K Sight words

Sight word practice from flash cards to word searches and more
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Easy Word Search

This word search is all about sight words beginning with the letter A! Get your kindergartener ready for reading and writing with a fun word search.

Easy Word Search: F, G, H

This alphabet word search doubles as a coloring sheet! Help your kindergartener get in gear for reading and writing with this fun word search.

Easy Word Search: C, D, E, F

Work up an appetite with this food-themed coloring sheet and word search puzzle!

Easy Word Search: T through W

Try this easy word search with your child, and help prep him for reading and writing. Kids use letter know-how to search for words that start with T, U, and W.

Common Word Carrots

Can your child help Buster Bunny out? If he can correctly say all the common words written on these carrots, then Buster can eat them all up!

Easy Word Search: A, B, C

This easy word search is perfect for your kindergarten child to start on his reading and writing skills.

Word Search Numbers

Spelling, reading, and number writing are wrapped up into one in this fun, yet challenging word search puzzle printable.

Easy Word Search: W through Y

Help get your kindergartener ready to read and write with this word search featuring simple words that start with W through Y.

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