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Preschool - Letter Sounds

Circle the pictures that start with the sound indicated
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Common Beginning Sound: 5

Through simple pictures, this worksheet will help your preschooler learn to recognize the different sounds in words.

Common Beginning Sound: 4

Is your child ready for some phonics practice? This worksheet is a great way to get her started!

Common Beginning Sound: 3

With this worksheet, your preschooler will learn how to match the different beginning sounds in words.

Beginning Phonics

Does your child need some phonics practice? This worksheet is a great place to start!

Learning Phonics

With this worksheet, your child will gets phonics practice sounding out different words and matching up words with similar beginning sounds.

Beginning Sounds: P and R

Looking for a way to introduce your child to phonics? Try a fun coloring activity! This worksheet focuses on words that begin with P and R.

Beginning Sounds: F and M

Kids learn about the beginning sounds in monkey and fox as they complete this fun coloring activity.

Beginning Sounds: H and J

More than just your typical coloring page, this fun sheet offers phonics practice, too.

Beginning Sounds: K and L

Test your child's phonics skills with this great coloring page, all about the letters K and L.

Beginning Sounds: T and S

Make phonics fun with this great coloring activity, featuring words that begin with T and S.

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