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PreWriting Skills

Motor skills practice for holding pencils and crayons - essential for finger strength and proper formation of letters and numbers.
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Trace and Color the City

Sneak some writing practice into coloring time with this fun trace and color printable. As she traces the lines, she'll build strong hand muscles for writing!

Tracing Shapes: Rectangles

Your kindergartener will have a blast completing this activity which incorporates learning about shapes by tracing rectangles.

Complete the Clown Hats

Practice your triangles in this fun and easy worksheet that allows you to trace the clown's hats.

Rainbow Letters! Practice Writing Lowercase Letters

Here's some colorful writing practice: kids trace each lowercase letter multiple times in different colors to create rainbow letters!

Cutting: Snake Spiral

Kids color and cut out a spiral snake, exercising their fine motor skills on this prekindergarten arts and crafts and coloring worksheet.

Rainbow Letters! Practice Writing Uppercase Letters

Say goodbye to boring writing practice with this colorful uppercase letters worksheet that helps improve kids' form and hand control.

Rainbow Numbers! Practice Writing Numbers 1-10

This number tracing worksheet helps kids improve their form and hand control, and makes things interesting by using colored pencils instead of #2's.

Cutting Squares and Rectangles: Build a Robot

Kids use their cutting skills to build a funky robot on this prekindergarten worksheet. This worksheet helps build fine motor skills and recognition of shapes.

Prewriting Skills: Horizontal Lines

By tracing the horizontal lines on this prekindergarten writing worksheet, kids strengthen the fine motor skills needed to form letters such as "E" and "H."

Prewriting Skills: Circles

By tracing the circles and bubbles on this writing worksheet, kids strengthen the fine motor skills needed to form rounded letters such as "O."

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