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Punctuation Exercises

Correcting punctuation practice
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Fix the Letter: Commas and Capitalization

Can your first grader help Lisa proofread her letter by fixing the commas and correcting the capitalization?

Punctuation: In the Lunch Room

Help the students enjoy their meals by writing the correct punctuation at the end of each sentence.

Punctuation Marks

Can your first grader read Susie's letter from summer camp, and then add in the correct punctuation marks?

Basic Punctuation

Budding writers can master their basic punctuation with this worksheet. These sentences are missing ending punctuation marks.

Punctuation Mark Exercises

Help your first grader get a handle on punctuation with this colorful punctuation fill-in.

Question Mark Coloring Page

Can your first grader find all the question marks lost in the farm and corral them to safety?

Punctuation: The Peacock's Complaint

Does your child know his quotation marks? Challenge him with this double-whammy: reading a classic Aesop's fable and adding the missing punctuation!

Punctuation: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Read a classic Aesop's fable about the importance of honesty! Your child will get to practice punctuating this passage with periods.

Punctuation: The Bear and the Bees

Get in some punctuation practice and reading practice all in one worksheet. Your child will read this Aesop's fable and add in periods where they are missing.

Punctuation: The Fox and the Crow

Enjoy one of Aesop's classic fables with this punctuation worksheet. Your child will add in the missing periods and quotation marks.

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