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Little Ones Thanksgiving

Activities and Worksheets for the Thanksgiving Holiday
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Wampanoag People

This coloring page is a great way to teach your child about the history of Thanksgiving.

Pilgrim Coloring Page

This pilgrim coloring page shows kids what the U.S. settlers looked like. Color in this pilgrim coloring page with your child.

Thanksgiving Math: Simple Addition #3

Visual learners will eat up this Thanksgiving math worksheet. Full of pumpkins, our math exercises get your kid to solve by counting Thanksgiving icons.

Play Thanksgiving Tic-Tac-Toe

Keep your child occupied during holiday downtime with Thanksgiving tic-tac-toe.

Thanksgiving Math: Simple Subtraction #1

Get some mental exercise on turkey day by doing some simple subtraction problems with your kindergartener.

Thanksgiving Math: Simple Addition #2

Have a slice of Thanksgiving addition with this worksheet for young kids. Kids will use pictures of Thanksgiving foods to find the sums in addition problems.

Holiday Math: Thanksgiving Subtraction

The Thanksgiving holiday brings turkey, stuffing, family...and subtraction? Here's a great way to get your first grader to practice subtraction over the break.

Sudoku for Kids: Thanksgiving

Solve this Thanksgiving Sudoku puzzle by cutting and gluing pictures into the puzzle, with each picture appearing only once in each row, column, and block.

Thanksgiving Math: Simple Subtraction #2

Give your little turkey mental math practice with a Thanksgiving addition worksheet. Kids will use Thanksgiving icons to add up each equation and find the sum.

Thanksgiving Math: Simple Addition #1

Get some mental exercise on turkey day by doing some simple addition problems with your kindergartener.

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