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Pre-K Art

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Create an Egg Carton School Bus

This school bus is easy to make, and all you need are some common household items.

Shake It! A Number Recognition Game

Strengthen your child's number recognition skills with this fun game using an old, empty egg carton!

Pointillism Art

Study pointillism with your preschooler and create a beautiful work of art!

Rainbow Mosaic

After a storm, have a discussion with your preschooler about how rainbows are made. Then, create a rainbow mosaic from ordinary paint samples!

Life Necklace

Have your child try her hand at creating a colorful, beaded necklace that's not only stylish, but also tells a story.

Make an African Mask

Help your child to make a beautiful Africa mask to help her reinforce important spatial and compositional skills.

Make Your Own Kente Cloth

Celebrate Black History Month by having your child make her own version of a kente cloth after learning what the different colors on a kente cloth symbolize.

Wax Paper Art

If your kid likes to color, you probably know all too well that crayons go quickly. Put those crayon stubs to use by creating colorful ironed wax paper art!

Make a Self Portrait from Nature

Add some fun to arts and crafts by having your child make a self portrait using nature as her palette.

Create a Rain Splattered Painting

Let your preschooler create an abstract masterpiece by turning simple watercolors into a rain splattered painting filled with vibrant colors!

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