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Paint with Ice

In this fun activity, frozen cubes of paint provide your preschooler with a cool new way to paint a masterpiece.

Make a Windsock

Show your preschooler how to create a simple windsock using a colorful piece of tissue paper, a pipe cleaner, and yarn.

Make Magic Ice

Preschoolers are fascinated by how colors can be mixed to form new ones. This activity combines color mixing with the concept of melting for extra science fun.

Play the Rainbow to Explore Acoustics

In this activity, your child fills jars with water to learn about acoustics, and practices mixing colors to form a rainbow of colors and sounds.

Learn Gravity with Parachute People

Sneak in a science lesson by creating your own parachute people using a handkerchief and a lightweight figurine.

Shades of Color Painting

Kids get innovative as they mix their own colors then make a painting with the new shades of color they've created.

Healthy Food Hunt

Teach your preschooler about healthy foods and how to make a meal that is good for her with this fun activity that you both can do together.

Light and Mirrors

How do mirrors work? What is light, and how does it travel? Explore light and reflection with your preschooler with these simple hands-on experiments.

How Do Mirrors Work?

This quick and simple preschool mirror activity will introduce your child to the science of reflection and light with a flashlight experiment and picture game.

Experiment with Invisible Writing

With this activity, your child can write an invisible letter that will appear as if by magic when exposed to heat.

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