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Tracing the Outline of States in the USA

Only 41 available--great to learn shapes of states to identify them on a blank map.
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State Shapes: Hawaii

Your child will learn about Hawaii , the fiftieth U.S. state as she traces its eight big islands and colors in the flag.

Trace the Outline of Illinois

This coloring sheet offers a quick United States geography lesson while your child traces the outline of Illinois.

Trace the Outline of Georgia

This geography themed worksheet features tracing the outline of Georgia and coloring the Georgia state flag.

Trace and Color State Shapes: Colorado

Practice fine motor skills tracing the box-like shape of Colorado in this coloring page.

Trace the Outline of Nevada

Nevada is the featured state of this trace and color page, which makes a fun geography lesson.

Trace the Outline of Michigan

This trace and color page features Michigan, the northern state in the middle of the Great Lakes region.

Trace the Outline of Montana

Introduce your child to the U.S. map one state at a time. This page features tracing shapes, letters and coloring.

Trace the Outline of New Hampshire

Your first grader can trace and color her way through this geography page, which features the outline of New Hampshire.

Trace the Outline of Nebraska

Get your child excited about geography with this tracing page featuring the state of Nebraska.

Trace the Outline of New Mexico

Trace the outline of New Mexico in the easy U.S. geography worksheet.

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