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Boy-Friendly Crafts

My son doesn't like painting or drawing like my daughter does-- but even he can't resist these crafts :)
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Make Easy Clay Pinch Pots

This simple and fun project introduces kids to the art of pottery and offers them a glimpse into how ancient peoples created the very first Neolithic pottery.

“As I said, my son's not into painting. So he loved getting dirty with clay (it's kind of like mud, if you think about it!) and then decorating with a carving tool.”
Make Your Own Fossils

In this fun activity, kids practice measurement and boost fine motor skills as they learn all about how fossils form and even make a few of their own!

“Dinosaur lovers, unite! While my son would love to find a real live dino print, this project is the next best thing.”
Make Your Own Piñata!

Help your child create his own pinata in this fun and easy activity. Use paper mache and fingerpaint for a party pinata everyone will love.

“This is a super messy project, and a super fun one. We made a dog instead of a pig, filled it with stickers and things I got from the dollar store, took a bat and went at it. So cute, kind of hard to bash it for the prizes ;)”
Build a Rocket Ship

Building a rocket ship is a great way for kids to learn about measuring and construction. It'll fuel their creative side too!

“The directions are a little tricky, but the result is awesome. A fun project for dad (or mom!) and a boy who likes to feel "big".”
Make a Recycled Twig Birdhouse

Even the birds need to get out of the rain during the winter months. Help your child help nature and fill a lazy afternoon with this easy, cute craft.

“We had a milk carton bird house for awhile, but this is so much cooler. If your kid has ever built something out of popsicle sticks, this is the same idea, but with more options for creativity, and with a result birds love.
Build Up for an Edible Structure

This activity encourages children to sculpt in free form. The only rule is that they have to build upwards.

“A little like LEGO, a little like k'nex, but with stuff we had kicking around the kitchen. Need I mention how excited my son was to "put this away when he was done playing" and eat it?”
Make a City of Bags

Forget 2-D maps. It's time for 3-D! Help your first grade child learn about the community around him, with this fun map building activity.

“My son played with this for months-- he loves zooming his matchbox cars around the "streets". A must-do project for boys who like construction, trains, cars, or other hands-on imagination.”
Papier-Mâché Bugs

Make caterpillars out of paper mache and let the kids explore their inner creepy crawler.

“An easy craft with a cute result. My kids loved personalizing these-- great project for siblings with a big age gap.”
Make a Sandcastle You Can Keep!

Help your child make a beautiful homemade sandcastle that will last!

“A fun way to keep summer around all year long.
Make Like a Bird and Nest

Teach the kids how a bird's nest is made by making your own nests using only natural materials!

“Loved taking my kids on a walk around the neighborhood looking for birds nests, then coming home and making our own. Gave my son a new appreciation for how much work it takes to build a nest!”
Pipe Play

Plastic pipes and pipe connectors make a quick and fun activity for preschoolers. Try some of our pipe challenges!

“Not exactly a craft, I know. But kind of crafty if you think about it. We've got a box of these in the living room and have made everything from cities to marble runs...”

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