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Cute printable activities for elementary school

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Rocket Ship Coin Toss

This rocket ship coin toss game will offer your child hours of fun. Just print it out, cut and fold along the lines, tape to a table, and start playing!

Snowmen Search

Get in the holiday spirit by finding all of the 27 merry snowmen as they frolic around in this winter wonderland.

Gingerbread House Coloring

Do some gingerbread house coloring with this festive holiday worksheet. Try this gingerbread house coloring worksheet with your child this Christmas season.

Rock Paper Scissors: A Board Game

Got some competitive kids in need of a new game? Try this printable rock, paper, scissors board game, a great twist on a childhood classic!

Monster Memory Game

Similar to Concentration, this printable board game tests your child's memory and focus. Players take turns looking under pennies to find matching pictures.

In-The-Car Bingo

Got a long road trip coming up? Here is a great printable BINGO game for the whole family to play, en-route!

Penny Shuffle Game

In this printable board game, kids play a simplified version of shuffleboard using pennies and their fingers!

Face Race Game!

The Face Race is a great way to sneak a little learning into playtime!

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