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First Day of School Activities

Fun crafts and ideas to get kids excited for the first day of school!
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Make a "First Day" Photo Book

Make a photo book to provide a reassuring guide for your child's first days and weeks of school.

5 Ways to Celebrate the New School Year

How can you celebrate your child's first day of school? Here are 5 creative and inexpensive ways you can kick off the new school year.

How to Make Paper Dolls

Wondering how to make paper dolls? This 3-page printable makes it easy with three paper doll cut outs and six stellar outfits to mix and match!

Cootie Catcher: Back to School

Afraid of catching a bad case of cooties? Never fear, back to school can be fun and cootie free with this awesome do-it-yourself cootie catcher.

Create a Back to School Time Capsule!

Here's an activity to help your child create her very own time capsule to unearth and open in one, five, or even ten years later!

Make a Back to School Calendar

Get fired up for the new school year with a "Back-to-School Calendar" you and your child can make at home.

Make a Homework Caddy Kit

For kids who prefer to do homework flopped on a rug, this practical caddy can make all the difference!

Build a Back to School Bulletin Board

Here's a homemade bulletin board project to help your fourth grader's school year start off right.

Throw a Back to School Party

Here's how to host a family dinner that says welcome to fall and the school year ahead.

First Day of School Craft

Make a First Day of School Mobile to help commemorate the big step from preschool to kindergarten and ease those first day jitters!

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