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Free Travel Games: The Preschool Edition

Snagging these for my upcoming plane trip. Can't wait to try them with my preschool girl.
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Face Race Game!

The Face Race is a great way to sneak a little learning into playtime!

Kindergarten Letter Roll Reading Game

Kindergarteners can play their way to reading mastery with this printable board game that offers practice in reading and phonics, vocabulary, and word building!

Play Alphabet and Number Derby

Learning letters and numbers can be a chore, but throw them in a game and kids won't mind the learning at all!

Spider Game

Spin a web of fun with this spider game! Your kid will get lots of counting and direction-following practice as she races you around the web to the finish.

Penguin Game

This penguin game is best for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and younger children learning to count and work with numbers.

Sandwich Stacker

This fun printable sandwich stacker board game teaches your child key skills like following rules and color recognition.

Board Game: Cross the River

In this printable board game, preschoolers take turns rolling a die and moving their coin markers across the board. They'll have fun and practice counting, too!

Lollipop Trail Game

Lollipop Trail is a fun printable board game that will entertain your kindergartener and help him practice counting, too!

Penny Tree Game

In this fun printable board game, kids take turns rolling a die and moving their pennies up the tree. The first player to get all his pennies in the tree wins!

Fishing Game

Print this out to play a special game with Dad that's packed with colors, fishing, and fun!

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