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Party Games

A roundup of some fun ideas for elementary and preschool aged kids. My kids love these!
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Play Animal Musical Chairs

In this variation on musical chairs, no one gets kicked "out" of the game -- instead, they get to tell other kids what to do!

“I like that no one gets "out" in this game. Sometimes that can be really upsetting to small kids.”
Play Water Freeze Tag

This twist on the classic game of freeze tag spells fun for your fourth grader--and the whole family!

“On a hot day, there's nothing better than this!”
Pop the Balloons!

Try to pop other opponents balloons while trying to protect your own. This exciting game is sure to be a hit with the kids at your next party!

“What is it about kids and balloons? Even our grumpiest party goer couldn't resist this one.”
Make Tie-Dye Baby Wipes

Give your preschooler the opportunity to work on color recognition and fine motor skills while creating a beautiful tie-dyed piece of art!

“Sounds kind of gross but trust me, this is a keeper. We attached the final result to sticks and made personal flags.”
Red Rover, Green Rover

Bring the classic game of "Red Rover" up to date with color and shape recognition skills for your child.

“My preschooler got a kick out of this one. She's so proud to show everyone that she knows her shapes, and she loves to run!”

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