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Quick Crafts: 7 Days of Crafting with Kids

A craft a day keeps my kids at bay, but I'm no crafter really. Here are a bunch of easy things my kids love-- 7 days worth.
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Make Your Own Stepping Stones

Re-use old plastic food containers to create these uniquely beautiful stepping stones to embed in your backyard!

“I actually bought a pre-made kit to do this awhile back. Now I feel like a sucker. My kids loved sticking some "jewels" in their stepping stones, and also putting their hand prints inside.”
Weave a Paper Basket

Your child can use colorful construction paper to make an easy paper basket to hold some of his special things!

“We made these and filled them with fresh baked cookies, then brought them to neighbors. Great way to pass the time (and keep yourself from eating all the cookies yourself ;)”
Make a Glittering String Ball

Your child will jump at the chance to get messy (under adult supervision, of course) with this project and create some unique home decor that really shines!

“Something about this is just so pretty. What kid doesn't like glitter? And there's a definite cook factor when you pop the balloon and this is left behind...”
Create a Faux Stained Glass Vase

Try this creative art project with your second grader to help him build up his fine motor skills and artistic awareness as he makes a faux stained glass vase.

“This is our go-to choice for last minute gifts for teachers, grandma, etc. Fun for both my preschooler and my third grader.”
Make Tie-Dye Baby Wipes

Give your preschooler the opportunity to work on color recognition and fine motor skills while creating a beautiful tie-dyed piece of art!

Make Bottle Cap Magnets

Your first grader will love showcasing his favorite pieces of art with his very own personalized magnets created from old bottle caps!

“Great way to perk up your fridge. Also looks nice to pack a few of these into a decorated Altoids box and give as a gift.”
Make a Decorative Paperweight!

Using water, corn syrup, and sequins, your child can create a unique art project while exploring what happens when different liquids are mixed together!

“Still have a ton of baby food or canning jars tucked away? Cool way to use a few. There's some science tucked in to this craft project, and the finished product is one of my 8-year-old's favorites.”
Turntable Art

Create colorful paintings using the turntable on an old record player, and help your child experiment with color and movement!

“I found an old record player at a garage sale, and now we have our own spin art center. An easy, simple kid-please-er, every time.”

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