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Adolescent Development

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The 6 Most Important Decisions Your Teen Will Ever Make

The decisions your teen makes today will affect her life in years to come. Here are six key decisions you should discuss with your child.

Straight Talk: Helping Bright Teens Through Tough Times

This article provides you with professional help in nurturing gifted children; also assist parents by for helping teens through challenging times.

Child Development Guide: 12-15 Years

Here is the developmental milestone chart achieved by 12 to 15 year old child in terms of their physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth.

Understanding an Adolescent Phenomenon: Teens Click With Their Cliques

Adolescents begin to move away from closeness from parents and tend to spend more time with their peers. Cliques provide a sense of belonging and are

Emotional Development in Middle School

Summarizes the emotional development of adolescents, including variations in self-concept and how emotions are related to physical and intellectual development.

Early Adolescence: 12 - 14 Years Old

Here are the developmental milestones of early adolescent - 12 to 14 year old. Discussed here are some changes younger teens go through.


Information on education and child development for parents and educators. DEFINITIONS OF ADOLESCENCE ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT SOCIAL CONTEXTS OF ...

The Emotional Lives of Adolescents

An adolescent is going through social, cognitive and emotional change. As a parent we can provide both emotional support as well as freedom to explore.

Helping Teens Answer the Question "Who Am I?": Cognitive Development

Major task for adolescents is to establish their self-identity. Parents can help adolescents in many ways who are going through cognitive changes.

Identity Development

Information on education and child development for parents and educators. MAJOR PROCESSES IN IDENTITY DEVELOPMENT NORMATIVE DEVELOPMENTAL CHANGES THE KEY ...

“Thorough explanation of identity development.  Good for teachers.”
Gender Differences in the Sequence of Brain Development

This article summarizes many of the differences in brain structures between boys and girls and how this impacts behavior.

A Lifeline in the Chaos of Adolescent Development

An inspirational piece for middle school parents. Learn how to help teens make the right choice as they begin to test social boundaries and household rules.

Adolescence: Developmental Tasks

This article presents the eight developmental tasks facing adolescents. By understanding those, parents can provide support to adolescents.

Adolescent Brain Development

Here is a parenting guide to understanding adolescent neurological development.

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