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Color the Freshwater Habitat

Teach your kids about the importance of preserving freshwater ecosystems with a lake habitat coloring page filled with frogs, turtles, ducks, and dragonflies.

Recycle Worksheet

In this recycle worksheet, kids color the different recyclable objects, then match them up with their corresponding bin. Try our recycle worksheet on Earth Day.

Arctic Animals Finger Puppets

Meet the inhabitants of the arctic tundra with these delightful printable, which features a cast of caribou, arctic fox, arctic hare, and ermine finger puppets.

American Desert Animal Finger Puppets

Watch your little zoologist color, cut out, and play with these delightful bobcat, roadrunner, and rattlesnake finger puppets.

Find the Fruit and Veggies

Test your kindergartener's produce proficiency by challenging her to separate the fruit and veggies from other foods on this worksheet.

Penguin Anatomy Diagram

This friendly-looking penguin is cute enough to cuddle, but your kindergartener can start by filling out this chart of penguin parts.

Coloring Page: Bugs in Nature!

Kids who love creepy, crawly things will truly enjoy this prekindergarten and kindergarten science-themed coloring page.

Test Your Volcano Knowledge

This colorful, cut-and-paste worksheet teaches your kindergartener the parts of a volcano.

Test Your Boat Knowledge

Got an aspiring sailor on your hands? Before he can set sail on open waters, test your kindergartener's understanding of a boat's parts.

Animal Science: Elephant Anatomy

Invite your kindergartener to fill out this elephant chart--testing her knowledge of an elephant's parts.

Bee Science!

Use this fill-in-the-blank chart to see how much your kindergartener knows about the parts of a bee.

Butterfly Anatomy

Is your kindergartener digging butterflies? Test her butterfly know-how with this fill-in-the-blank chart!

Get Fishy: Beginner's Biology

This worksheet will help your kindergartener with her vocabulary, as well as develop her early science skills.

All About Trees

This is a fun way to get little nature lovers to learn about the different parts of a tree. Beginning writers will practice handwriting and learn sight words.

Animal Habitats Match-Up

Do monkeys live in the rainforest or the desert? Your child will get familiar with animals and their different habitats with this fun match up game.

Connect the Dots: Good Morning Sunshine

Here's a fun dot to dot featuring the morning sun that will give your child counting practice.

Animal Habitat Drawing Page

This worksheet teaches kids about animal habitats. Kids match each animal to its habitat, then draw a picture of their favorite animal in its home.

Sink or Float? #3

Learn a basic concepts physical science with this fun worksheet. Your little one will decide which objects sink, and which ones float!

Plant Life Cycle Flash Cards

These flash cards serve as an intro to life science, but also help with counting skills and sequential ordering.

Jump Into Geography: Draw a Mountain Scene

Get your kindergartener started on geography with a fun drawing activity! She'll learn a little about the anatomy of mountains as she draws.

Four Seasons Activity Placemat

Write down the name of each season that is shown in the pictures then color them and turn this worksheet into a unique placemat that can be used year-round!

Chinese New Year Coloring Page

This fun and fierce Chinese New Year coloring page will give preschoolers a great introduction to the traditional Chinese holiday.

Connect the Dots: Talking Dolphin

Celebrate dolphins, one of the most intelligent animals in the world, with a fun dot to dot coloring page.

Body Basics: A Trip to the Doctor!

Looking for a worksheet that will give your kid practice naming the parts of the body? This printable is perfect for beginning readers.

About Me: My Special Person

Get your youngster thinking about his life and what it means to be him with a drawing activity focusing on special friends.

Mandala Design

Give your child great fine motor skill practice as she takes time to color in each facet of this complicated mandala design.

Celtic Mandala

This intricately knotted design is the perfect way to give your child practice with her fine motor muscles and teach her about mandalas at the same time.

Our Five Senses: Taste

Kids draw something they taste at the farm on this kindergarten science worksheet. They learn that taste is a sense and that we use our mouths to taste.

Sort Out the Five Senses

Help your kindergartener make sense of the five senses with this matching worksheet. He'll connect each sense with the picture that goes with it.

Sense of Hearing

Jump into science with a lesson in our sense of hearing with this coloring page that asks kids to color the pictures of things they can hear.

The Five Senses: Seeing

Help your child learn what he we use our eyes for with this observation activity.

The Five Senses: Smelling

Get your kindergartener to stop and smell the roses with this coloring page that gets him thinking about his sense of smell.

Making Senses! Identifying Sight, Sound and Smell

Looking for a worksheet to help your kid with science? This printable will help her identify the five senses.

Job Match

Help your child learn about job roles while utilizing her reasoning skills with this printable kindergarten worksheet.

Amphibians Coloring Page

Kids can let their creativity loose on this amphibians coloring page. Can your child name each one?

Match the Four Seasons

Help your kindergartener cut out the shapes at the bottom, then match them up to the right season. Then go crazy coloring!

Weather Wear Matching

What do you wear in rainy weather? Boost your kindergartener's weather sense with this colorful matching worksheet.

Color and Learn: Rain

Teach your child about rain with this fun coloring sheet.

Color and Learn: Wind

The wind is something we can't see, but we can definitely feel it! Teach your kids about this weather phenomenon with a fun weather coloring sheet

Learn About the Sun!

As kids color in this sunny scene, they'll learn about the sun and what it does.

Learn About Transportation

This worksheet challenges kindergarteners to match each person with his method of transportation.

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