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Color the Father's Day Moment

This fun Father's Day coloring page features dad opening a Father's Day gift from his son.

Color the Father's Day Gift

Help your child get ready for Father's Day with this coloring page, which features a Happy Father's Day balloon and plant.

Father's Day Certificate

This Father's Day, your child can print out this Father's Day certificate, color it in, and hang it on the wall for all to see.

The Hidden History of Halloween

Most kids aren't aware of the cultural customs that have molded Halloween. Here's a hidden history of this spooky holiday.

Halloween Around the World

Learn about Halloween around the world. Explore Halloween traditions and beliefs, and see how other cultures celebrate Halloween worldwide.

St. Patrick's Day Fun Facts

Ever wonder why we wear green on St. Patrick's day, or where the leprechaun came from? Find out with this worksheet on St. Patty's Day history!

Irish Dance Coloring Page

Irish dance has a rich history. Celebrate this wonderful piece of Ireland's culture with this festive coloring page.

St. Patrick's Day Traditions

Teach your little leprechaun about the various St. Patrick's Day traditions and other fun parts of this special Irish heritage day.

Famous Irish Americans

Celebrate the contributions of famous Irish Americans with this worksheet. Read a bit about each famous figure and complete a comprehension exercise.

Irish-American History: Founding Fathers

Celebrate Irish-American history with this printable about four founding fathers from Ireland!

Claddagh Coloring Page

Let your kindergartener show someone she really cares by coloring this Irish symbol of love for a friend or relative.

Four Ways to Celebrate Irish Culture

Here are some great ideas for celebrating Celtic culture with your family this Saint Patrick's Day.

Celtic Knot Coloring Sheet

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a beautiful Celtic knot coloring page. Your child can get a taste of ancient Irish symbols as she colors.

Celtic Design Coloring Page

Did you know Celtic knots have many different meanings? Color this beautiful design in celebration of St. Patrick's Day!

Celtic Cross Coloring Page

Giant stone crosses with ancient celtic designs can be found all over Ireland. Color this popular celtic cross design just in time for St. Patrick's day!

Color a Celtic Knot

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the holiday than by coloring some Celtic art!

Celtic Knot Coloring Page

Hounds represent loyalty, and salmon represent knowledge in Celtic knot work. Color in this lovely illustration just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

Easy Fairy Addition

Does your first grader need a little incentive to practice single-digit addition? This fairy-themed printable might do the trick!

Color the Dancing Fairy

This fun coloring page features a fairy dancing through a field of tulips.

Color the Sunrise Fairy

Color this fairy in to bring yourself a little closer to nature.

Fairy Addition: Doubles Facts

Is your first grader more interested in fairies than math? Help her learn her doubles facts with this fun fairy addition worksheet.

Color the Cherry Fairy!

Color this magical picture with any color your imagination can come up with!

Color the Daisy Fairy

Help your first grader tap into her creative side with this fairy coloring page. Spreading daisies, climbing ladybugs, and a daydreaming fairy fill the scene.

Color the Mushroom Fairy

What young kid doesn't love fairies and fantasy scenes? Keep little hands busy and little minds active with this fun fairy-filled coloring page!

Color the Magic Star Fairy

Color in this magical fairy as she takes off in flight.

Color the Lily Fairy

If your little artist loves fairies, she'll go wild over this coloring page filled with lilies, a graceful fairy, and a setting sun.

Color the Berry-Picking Fairy

This teeny fairy is picking herself a feast of berries. Can your child give some color to this sweet scene?

Color the Dragonfly Fairy

Jump into spring with a pretty fairy coloring page! Filled with blooming flowers and flitting dragonflies, this scene is bursting with springtime cheer.

Fairy Coloring Page

This cute fairy coloring page will keep any child who loves fairies and fairy tales entertained and brighten the day.

Color the Faerie Buzzing By

Can your child help the faerie get where she's going looking her best—all colored-in? Don't forget to color-in her big fuzzy bumble bee too!

Flower Fairy Coloring Sheet

If your child digs the outdoors, this fairy coloring page is a perfect activity for an afternoon indoors.

St. Patrick's Day Fairy

Sure to get your first grader in the St. Patrick's Day spirit, this scene filled with fairy friends is just begging for his attention!

Color the Butterfly Fairy

A pretty fairy and fluttering butterfly adorn this fantasy-themed first grade coloring page.

Color the Faerie Sitting Pretty

With so much detail in the fairy's wings and clothes, this coloring page is great practice for kids learning to color in the lines.

Forest Fairy Coloring Page

This forest fairy-adorned worksheet will boost your first grader's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, while reminding her of an important lesson.

Color the Moth Fairy

A fairy moth is a type of insect, but this coloring sheet features the opposite -- a moth fairy!

Butterfly Fairy Coloring Page!

Invite your first grader to beautify this butterfly fairy! With just a few crayons and some persistence, she can put her own creative spin on this printable.

Color the Missing Fairy Wings

Let your child's imagination finish this pretty picture, and give her drawing practice too. Can she put the wings on the fairy in this coloring page?

Fairy Queen Coloring Page

Little pixies will love coloring in this fairy queen and her royal dress. Draw in her face to complete the picture!

Frisbee Fairy Coloring Activity

Use your imagination and crayons to color in this Frisbee yielding fairy.

Cheerleader Fairy Coloring Activity

Pretty with Pom-Poms, a cute and perky cheerleader fairy, will be a hit coloring project for your kindergartener.

Baseball Fairy Coloring Activity

Encourage your kindergartener's artistic ability by having her color a baseball-playing fairy.

Tennis Fairy Coloring Activity

This fun coloring activity of a tennis-playing fairy will nurture the future tennis player/fairy in your child.

Soccer Fairy Coloring Activity

Your child will have a blast coloring in this soccer-playing fairy. Have her color in the fairy's wings to mimic a soccer ball's pattern.

Basketball Fairy Coloring Activity

This coloring activity of a basketball-playing fairy will encourage your kindergartener to use her imagination and pique her interest in fantasy and sports.

Football Fairy Coloring Activity

Your kindergartener will be excited and use her imagination to color this action-packed scene of Graceful on the Gridiron, a football-playing fairy.

Color the Fluttering Fairy

Little girls are sure to have a blast coloring this pretty fairy fluttering outside a fairy tale castle.

Bowling Fairy Coloring Activity

Kindergarteners will enjoy using their creativity to color in Lovely on the Lanes, a bowling ball toting fairy.

Snowflake Fairy Coloring Page

The Snowflake Fairy is creating a magical shower of friendship flakes! Celebrate the chilly winter months by coloring this enchanted scene.

Color the Enchanted Swamp Fairy

Make your kindergartener's day with this fun enchanted swamp fairy scene, complete with enchanted crocodile!

Cupid Fairy Coloring Activity

Kindergarteners will love using pinks, purples, and reds to color in the Cupid fairy and the hearts surrounding her.

Ballerina Fairy Coloring Page

This ballerina fairy coloring page features this beautiful and fortunate creatureâimagine dancing without ever having to put your feet on the stage!

Enchantress Fairy Coloring Page

This fairy coloring page is full of magic! Can your child bring it to life with some color?

Color the Fairy Princess

Sneak a peak at pixie royalty with this sweet coloring page.

Sun Fairy Coloring Page

Did you know fairies like to go to the beach too? Check out this cute summer coloring page!

Color the Bumble Bee Fairy

This coloring page has a honey-sweet scene of the Bumble Bee Fairy and her friends!

Color the Faerie in Flight

This faerie's in flight, spreading magic, charm, and good luck on some deserving people.

Color the Flower Fairy

Let your child's dreams take flight with this fun flower fairy coloring page.

Color the Fairy at Sea

This pretty fairy is crossing the sea, in her very own homemade leaf boat. Urge your kid to pick her favorite colors to fill in this delightful scene.

Color the Fairy Tea Party

If your kid loves fairies, invite her to check out this cute fairy tea party.

Color a Rainforest Fairy!

Delight your first grade artist with this gorgeous fairy-themed coloring sheet! He'll love coloring in the fantasy-filled images.

Color the Flying Fairy

This fantastical fairy is flying high above the city skyline! Can your child color in this breathtaking view?

Color the Fairy of Mushrooms

Here's a cool fairy that looks after the groups of mushrooms called fairy rings.

Color the Sports Fairy: Golf

Your child will delight in adding color to this golf-playing fairy. Encourage your child to add additional details to the picture.

Tooth Fairy Coloring Page

This adorable coloring page features a sleeping child and the real live tooth fairy! Your kid will love getting a sneak peek.

Color the Sports Fairy: Bowling

Your child will enjoy using her imagination to color in this sports fairy. Lovely on the Lanes is complete with wings modeled after a bowling ball!

Color the Sports Fairy: Cupid

Your child will love coloring in this fairy modeled after Cupid and the hearts surrounding her using pinks, purples, and reds.

Color the Young Fairy

Does your child love reading all about fairies and fairy tales? Here's a coloring page that's sure to please.

Color the Sports Fairy: Soccer

Encourage your child's creativity by having her color this image of a soccer-playing fairy ready to make a goal! She will also learn to imitate patterns.

Color the Sports Fairy: Tennis

Your child will enjoy coloring this tennis-playing fairy!

Fairy Coloring Picture

This fairy coloring picture features the bitterroot fairy, named after the desert plant with the beautiful blooms. Add color to this nature-inspired fairy!

Paint the Petite Pixie

Let your child's imagination fly with the fairies, in this fun coloring picture.

Color the Sports Fairy: Basketball

Your child will enjoy coloring this basketball fairy.

Color the Sports Fairy: Cheerleader

Your child will love coloring in this cheerleader fairy. Your child will be encouraged to color in this fairy's uniform with her favorite sports team's colors.

Color the Sports Fairy: Baseball

Your child will enjoy coloring this very beautiful and versatile fairy picture. This fun worksheet will allow your child to use her imagination.

Flowered Fairy Coloring Page

Grab some green crayons and color in this earthy fairy.

Color the Sports Fairy: Football

Your child will have a blast coloring the image of the football fairy!

Color the Sports Fairy: Frisbee

This coloring activity will allow your preschooler to shade in a Frisbee-playing fairy.

Nature Fairy Coloring Page

This fairy rules the forest in her leafy dress. Grab some green crayons and color her in!

Nectar Fairy Coloring Page

Featuring a pretty nectar fairy, this coloring page is sure to make your child's day.

Color the Hibiscus Fairy

This cute coloring page features a pretty hibiscus fairy for your child to have fun coloring-in

Color the Peony Fairy

This pretty coloring page of a fairy and peonies will be fun for your child to color, especially if she likes pixies and fantasy.

Fairy Ballerina Coloring Page

This fairy ballerina coloring page is a perfect and fun coloring exercise for budding dancers!

Color the Summertime Fun Fairy

Color in this fairy as she lounges on the beach and relaxes in the summer sun.

Color the Magical Enchantress Fairy

This magical enchantress fairy is all ready to cast a spell.

Fairy Princess Coloring Page

This double-whammy of a coloring page combines two classic kids' favorites: princesses and fairies.

Cute Fairy

Buzzzzz! There are no limits when it comes to the world of fantasy. Activate your child's imagination by having her color an adorable bumble bee fairy.

Flower Fairy Coloring Page

Have you ever seen a flower fairy before? Here's your chance! Give your child's imagination a boost with this pretty coloring page.

Birthday Coloring: Birthday Boy

The boy on this coloring sheet is all ready to blow out his birthday candles.

Birthday Dragon

Is your child having a birthday soon? Liven up his party with some fun birthday coloring sheets. This one features a birthday dragon flying by.

Birthday Cake Coloring Page

This birthday cake coloring page features candles, balloons, and a special birthday message.

Happy Birthday Dinosaur!

Here's a great coloring sheet for your next birthday party. It features a "Happy birthday!" dinosaur greeting.

Birthday Teddy Bear

This birthday teddy bear coloring page is lots of fun to color, and it makes a great gift for that special someone's birthday.

Birthday Coloring: Monkey

This cute monkey has a birthday present just for you! Give your child fine motor skills practice as he colors in this fun scene.

Happy Birthday Coloring!

The alligator on this happy birthday coloring sheet looks like he's ready for a birthday party.

What Doesn't Belong at School?

Backpack, ice cream cone, pencil, scissors: One of these objects is not an essential school item. Preschoolers identify the object that does not belong.

Valentine's Day Early Subtraction

Try pairing learning with a holiday theme, like this Valentine's Day simple subtraction worksheet!

Valentine Squirrel Coloring Page

The squirrel is holding seven heart balloons for you to color on Valentine's Day.

Color the Heart of Roses

This sweet and simple heart picture makes the perfect hand-made Valentine's Day card.

Color the Roses in the Vase

This coloring page features a bunch of roses in a vase. What color will your child choose to brighten them up?

Trace & Color: Flag

This coloring page includes a tracing activity to help your preschooler strengthen his hand muscles for writing.

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