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Giraffe Sudoku

A giraffe Sudoku puzzle gets your child to find the missing numbers using math skills. Solve this giraffe Sudoku puzzle with your child.

Giraffe KenKen® Puzzle

Second graders, get ready to play KenKen®! This beginner puzzle requires addition facts and a lot of logic!

Prom Queen KenKen® Puzzle

This difficult KenKen® math puzzle will challenge your high school student to use mathematical operations and logical thinking skills.

Jewelry Box KenKen® Puzzle

This KenKen® puzzle is guaranteed to get your high school student using math and logic in a way she never has before.

KenKen: Sports Car

This KenKen® puzzle will require your high school student to put his math and logic skills to the test!

Frog KenKen® Puzzle

Check out the challenging logic puzzle known as KenKen® with your middle school math student!

Snake KenKen® Puzzle

With a little logical thinking, we bet your middle school student can find the solution to this mathematical KenKen® puzzle!

Magic KenKen® Puzzle

Your middle school student will need to use math operations and logic to solve this KenKen® puzzle!

Ken Ken Puzzle: Witch

If your middle school math student is loving KenKen® logic puzzles and is looking for a challenge, this might be the game for her!

KenKen® Puzzle: Fairy

Your middle schooler will have the opportunity to improve her logical thinking skills and work with mathematical operations in this KenKen® puzzle.

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