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Taiga Ecosystem

This huge ecosystem's name "taiga" comes from the Russian word for "forest". Learn all about the taiga with this fun worksheet!

Surface Area Smackdown: Round 5

Your child will get essential geometry practice as she works to find the surface area of each box and determine who wins each match.

Treehouse Triangles #5

This "Treehouse Triangles" worksheets breaks down the geometric process into simple steps. Take angles from archenemy to acquaintance with this worksheet.

Surface Area Smackdown: Round 4

Your child will use his geometry skills to find the surface area of each box, and the one with the most surface area wins!

Olympic Arithmetic: Ski Trail Tracker #1

This colorful worksheet makes your fifth grader's division and geometry practice painless by turning it into an Olympics challenge!

Olympic Arithmetic: Ski Trail Tracker #4

Boost your fifth grader's practice with division and geometry by challenging her to complete this Olympics-themed math worksheet.

Olympic Math: Bobsleigh Time Averages

Get your 5th grader in the Olympic spirit with this fun bobsled math worksheet. He'll calculate each country's average run time, then award the winners!

Olympic Arithmetic: Ski Trail Tracker #8

Show your fifth grader how to practice geometry and division Olympics-style with this fun math worksheet!

Olympic Arithmetic: Skeleton Time Averages

Your fifth grader will use his math skills to help the judges determine which country has the fastest averages in an exciting Winter Olympics sport--skeleton!

Olympic Arithmetic: Ski Jump Scoring #4

Playing Olympic judge is easy with this imaginative worksheet. Ask your fifth grader to determine this ski jumper's final scores using algebraic formulas.

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