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Math Activities

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Make an Edible Fruitloop Bracelet

Make an edible bracelet from Froot Loops and a shoelace! This Block Institute art activity will engage your special needs or mainstream child at snacktime.

Play a Two-Digit Counting Game

Does your child need counting help? Here's a simple game that kids can do at home to help them practice counting to two-digit numbers.

Marshmallow Math

Here are some ideas for marshmallow math games you can play with your child to help teach him important concepts like estimation, area, and measurement.

Nuts and Bolts: A Sorting Activity

Sorting objects by size, color, shape, or function is an important concept in kindergarten math, and it's the perfect excuse for a little housekeeping!

Play the Blue Bean Counting Game

Take math off the page and into the real world. This simple game gives kindergarten kids hands-on practice with basic addition.

Make This Number Line: Count Place on a Lace!

Got a shoelace? Got a kindergartener? Help your child learn to use the number line by creating one out of a lace.

My Backyard Counting Book

Help your kindergartener practice counting from one to ten with this fun outdoor activity. Make a "My Backyard Counting Book" to review counting to ten.

Addition Board Game

Here's a fun math game you can use to practice counting, addition or subtraction with your child.

Coin Matching Game

Your child will learn more about coins and their denominations as he's asked to identify similar coins.

Higher or Lower

This is an easy counting game for preschoolers and toddlers. Great for car trips!

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