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Fourth grade art

accordion style - Japanese book
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Make Free-Fall Foreshortening Art!

Teach your fourth grader foreshortening, a type of visual perspective in art with this fun and easy activity!

How to Paint like Georgia O'Keeffe

Show your child how to paint in true Georgia O'Keeffe style. He'll enjoy painting art inspired by a master, and boost his math skills, too.

How to Make a Stencil

Choose a design that is as simple or as intricate as you like and create a stencil that you can use over and over again.

Easter Letter Maze

Get in gear for Easter with this letter maze that teaches the alphabet and challenges kids at the same time.

Valentine Heart Card

Using low-tech supplies and a little extra ingenuity you can help your fourth grader create this unique, heartfelt Valentine card.

Recycled Decor

Repurpose those plastic shopping bags hiding in your house into a fun and exciting decoration your child can hang in her room!

Seed Cards

Make cards this May Day celebrating the arrival of springtime.

Van Gogh Landscapes

Vincent van Gogh painted golden hued pictures of the harvest using bold lines and vibrant color. Your child can explore this style of art using oil pastels.

Handprint Butterfly

With this butterfly handprint craft, your child will have a fun, sensory experience while exploring the wide world of butterflies.

Folk Art Painting

This folk art painting lets kids develop watercolor and painting techniques with scenes of everyday life.

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