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Sun, Moon and Stars

Moon Phases
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Fossil Fuels

Educate your budding scientist about fossil fuels with this worksheet about non-renewable energy.

Light Through Objects

Grab your trusty flashlight and get ready for a scientific treasure hunt!

Transparent Translucent Opaque

Increase your child's vocabulary and knowledge of the scientific world around him with a single sheet!

How is a Rainbow Formed?

Rainbows look like swipes of brightly colored paint hanging in the sky. Have you ever wondered how they got there?

Why is the Sky Blue?

Is the sky's color just a mystery we will never know the answer to? Of course not! Find out exactly why the sky is blue in this fun and informative worksheet!

Fun Facts About the Sun

This coloring page offers some fun facts about the sun and the chance for your child to make it come to life with the sun's swirling colors.

Constellations: Aquila

Before we knew what the stars were, people would often tell stories about the pictures that the stars formed. This one is called Aquila, the eagle!

Constellations: Leo

Back in ancient times, the stars were used as storytelling tools. People created characters and stories that they saw in the stars, like Leo the lion.

Constellations: Scorpio

Scorpio, the scorpion, is one of the zodiac signs but you can also find him up in the stars at night!

The Big Dipper Constellation

Quite possibly the most famous constellation, the Big Dipper is a small part of Ursa Major, the big bear constellation.

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