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Winter holiday activities

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Love in Other Languages

This Love in Other Languages worksheet tasks your child with finding international phrases of love. Learn about love in other languages in this word search.

Candy Cane Facts

Keep your holiday season sweet and minty fresh! Read some fun facts about candy canes, and then create your own holiday candy.

Holiday Jokes

Have a ha-ha-holiday with this roundup of wonderfully corny jokes to fit the season!

Words in Words

Have some fun with this winter wordplay exercise! See how many words you can make with the letters from "Holiday Season".

Christmas Tree Writing Prompt

What would your perfect Christmas tree look like? Have your beginning writer practice descriptive writing to answer this fun Christmas creative writing prompt!

Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas gift tags help make your gift giving simpler. Use these Christmas gift tags to help your child practice signing his name.

Christmas Fun: Word Search

Your child can have fun learning with this colorful worksheet. Have her search for and circle words associated with this magical holiday.

Dots and Boxes Game

Got a long winter trip ahead of you? Try this fun winter edition of the dots and boxes game.

Christmas Similes

How many similies can you find in this Christmas poem? Get into the holiday spirit with a holiday classic, "The Night Before Christmas"!

Snow Crossword Puzzle

Bundle up for this challenging crossword full of chilly snowflakes and wintry words.

Winter Word Scramble

It's a winter wonderland of spelling! Keep warm as your child unscrambles letters to spell out various words related to winter.

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