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Measuring Length: Veggies

On this first grade math worksheet, kids use a ruler to measure four vegetables in inches. Then they compare lengths to find the shortest and longest veggies.

Measuring Inches: Inching Insects

Get some measurement practice by inching along with some familiar sights.

Count and Add the Scoops

This fun first grade math worksheet uses ice-cream scoops to help kids practice counting and single-digit vertical addition.

Reading Place Value: Ones and Tens

Help your child improve his math skills determining place value with this printable, which is all about the ones and the tens place. challenge is math skills.

Reading Place Value: Ones, Tens and Hundreds

Looking for a worksheet to help your child with place values? This printable will flex his math skills.

Comparing Flowers: Less Than and Greater Than

On this first grade math worksheet, kids count flowers in two flowerpots, then use the less-than symbol or greater-than symbol to compare the numbers.

Musical Addition

Do-re-mi! Musical notes get mathematical in this first grade worksheet featuring single-digit addition problems with sums up to 9.

Counting Coins: Pennies and Nickels II

Teach your first grader about money with this simple counting worksheet. Your child will count each group of coins, then write their total value on the line.

Monkey Math: Add the Bananas

With this first grade math worksheet, kids count and add bananas to find sums up to 9.

Counting Quarters

Counting quarters is simple once you learn how. Practice counting quarters with your child using this math worksheet.

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