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Subtraction for Visual Learners: Easter #2

Kids will use subtraction and counting skills with our Easter math worksheet. Kids who use counters or pictures during math practice will love this worksheet.

Easter Egg Maze

This maze hops into the Easter holiday with a good brain teaser for your child to practice problem solving and patience.

Sight Words: Butterfly

The butterflies are out for writing and sentence building practice this Easter! Work on sight words with your young learner.

Easter Math: Busy Bee Addition

Help your busy bee get some addition practice in on Easter with this addition worksheet. She'll use visual clues to help her tally up addition problems.

Subtraction for Visual Learners: Easter #1

Help your kid practice subtraction and counting skills with this Easter math worksheet. This Easter-themed worksheet is perfect for visual learners especially.

Easter Chick Stand-Ups

Give your little chickadee a fun coloring project this Easter! Decorate the house with these cute stand-up drawings.

Easter Math: Egg Basket Addition

Add up simple addition problems using Easter themed visual aids, such as Easter eggs and flowers. Try our Easter addition worksheet with your child this spring.

Bird Maze

These baby birds need some help to get to the Easter basket at the end of the bird maze!

Letter Dot to Dot: Y

On this kindergarten reading and coloring worksheet, kids consider the clues and follow the letter Y in a dot to dot to reveal the mystery Y picture: a yo-yo!

Hop, Hop Dot-to-Dot!

Connect the dots and put a little hop in your child's number learning and counting this Easter!

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