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Bare Tree Coloring Page

You can almost hear the wind whistling through the branches of this spooky, bare tree, like the kind you might see around Halloween.

Color the Happy Scarecrow

The scarecrow on this coloring page doesn't really seem to be doing his job--instead of scaring the crows away, he's giving them a friendly smile!

Coloring Fall: Acorns on a Branch

Here's a picture of acorns on a branch, just in time for fall.

Maple Leaf Coloring Page

Here's a coloring page that will make Canadians happy -- big Maple leaves!

Color the Fall Leaves

Fall is all about one thing: leaves everywhere. Have your kid bring these leaves to life with beautiful autumn colors in anticipation of the arrival of fall.

Maple Tree Coloring Page

Get into the season with this fall-themed coloring page of a maple tree losing its leaves.

Autumn Tree Coloring Page

This autumn tree coloring page will have you breaking out your red, orange, and yellow crayons!

Autumn Scarecrow Coloring Page

Autumn, scarecrows and pumpkin patches go hand-in-hand, as this cheerful coloring page shows!

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