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Read the Star Spangled Banner

Jump into the lyrics of the U.S. national anthem with a reading comprehension worksheet. Kids read the song, and then draw a picture to illustrate it.

Learn the Pledge of Allegiance

Has your child memorized the Pledge of Allegiance? Help her learn the words with this fill-in-the-blank worksheet.

London Coloring Page

Stop by London with this coloring page of Big Ben. Give your child's geography and history smarts a boost!

Sew a Colorful Amish Potholder

Enhance fourth-grade measurement making skills and social studies learning with this stitching project.

Hiragana Alphabet: "ku"

Looking for a better way to boost your child's writing and language skills? Try teaching him the basics of Japanese with this Hiragana series!

Hiragana Alphabet: "so"

Looking for a fun and educational enrichment activity? Try learning Japanese!

Hiragana Alphabet: "ee"

Learn to write and speak Japanese with a fun worksheet series about Hiragana, one of the more basic forms of the Japanese writing system.

Hiragana Alphabet: "ta"

It's never too late to learn a new language! This series of Hiragana (Japanese alphabet) characters is perfect for you and your child to share.

Hiragana Alphabet: "sa"

Get your kindergartener excited for language arts by learning a new language! Hiragana is a basic component Japanese, fun and easy to learn.

Hiragana Alphabet: "se"

This Hiragana alphabet page helps your child learn the letter "se." Try this "se" worksheet to teach your child a little about Japanese written language.

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