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Post Office Pretend Play

Want to help your preschooler learn more about his community while boosting creativity? Set up a post office play station right in your very own home!

Make Your Own Edible Play Dough

Make an edible play dough with your child to help her develop her sensory and motor skills.

Play Alphabet Match-up!

Children who know the names and sounds of letters when they enter school, learn to read sooner. This activity uses a clothesline to work on alphabet sounds.

Color Names

Your child will begin to recognize written color names as she looks at the different patterns and matches them up with the correct colors.

Craft a Cereal Abacus

Your preschooler will not realize she's practicing her counting skills while playing with this interactive cereal abacus!

Bake Alphabet Cookies

This cookie dough handles like molding clay, but also makes delicious cookies. Use this activity to strengthen your child's alphabet skills.

Turn Your Child into a Letter Detective!

This activity turns kids into word detectives - scouring their way through documents in search of their prey.

Papier-Mâché Bracelet

These papier-mâché bracelets are simple to make, and the result is truly stunning!

Craft an Underwater Viewer!

Help your preschooler practice observing and experimenting with this exciting activity where she'll get to examine objects below the water's surface!

Sink or Float: A Science Experiment

Does a paper clip float? Does a sponge sink? Let your child find out! This experiment is simple science fun.

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