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3rd Grade

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Count Up to a One Dollar Word

Celebrate the 100th day of school by counting and spelling your way to a "$1.00" word in this 3rd grade math and reading game.

3rd Grade Reading: What Happens

Here's a cheat sheet on where your child's reading skills should be at the beginning and end of third grade.

Defensive Multiplication

Defend your cards in this multiplication math game! Your kid will enjoy using strategy to build equations and win points in this activity.

The ABC's of Back to School for Parents

Here's an alphabetical guide to the 26 details parents shouldn't forget this back to school season.

Design a Floating Cork Boat

Here's a great activity that uses corks and toothpicks to create a fleet of floating boats. Which design makes for the most seaworthy vessel?

Bounce an Egg

Explore scientific concepts with this experiment that introduces kids to the scientific method!

Kids Sudoku Printable

On this third grade kids sudoku printable, kids use their logical reasoning and critical thinking skills to solve four Sudoku number puzzles.

Pig Sudoku

This pig Sudoku puzzle is a great logical reasoning and critical thinking exercise for your child. Try this pig Sudoku puzzle with your child.

Word Search: Birthday

Give your birthday girl or boy a fun way to practice vocabulary. This worksheet has 18 birthday words hidden in the letter jumble. How many can your kid find?

Lion Sudoku

A lion Sudoku puzzle might be just what your animal lover needs to work on logical reasoning and critical thinking. Try this lion Sudoku puzzle with your child.

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