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Language Arts

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Flower Fairies

Enchant your garden with flower fairies and let their beauty bloom with this charming fairy craft.

Mailbox Craft

Every kid loves the excitement of waiting for a special letter or package in the mail. Now they'll be able to have their very own mailbox!

Build Writing Muscles with a Water Relay

Does your child have trouble holding a pencil? Is writing an excruciating task? The key is to build up those hand muscles! This water relay race can help.

Make Bathtub Paint

Great for bath time, or anytime your child is feeling creative, these bright bathtub paints are a fun and low-mess way to spice up art time.

Make Pop-Up Puppets

Here's a first grade arts and crafts activity: make pop-up puppets using a plastic cup, wooden dowel, and fabric. Put on a show once you're done!

Play Beanbag Letter Blend Toss

Help your first grade reader master those letter blends like "ch" and "sh" with this memorable and hilarious beanbag toss game.

Directions First: Reading to Draw

Here's an activity to encourage your young artist to read. Invite your child to visualize directions on colors, numbers, and shapes to create cool pictures!

Practice Reading with a Word Hunt

Practice reading with this fun game, where your first grader will "hunt" for hidden words around the house.

Color Bingo

Here's a learning game designed to give your first grader fun, colorful practice learning to recognize color words such as "red" and "purple."

Play Post-It Bingo!

New readers need to develop a "bank" of words they can read by sight. Hate flashcards? Consider this fresh way to practice sight words to perfection...Bingo!

Write a Mixed Up Story!

Want to help your child recognize the recipe for a successful sentence? Here's a fun activity to get your child thinking about how sentences work.

Make a Story in a Bag

Teaching kids that stories have an order is important, despite how fun it is to listen to the tale of the tomato that put on his pajamas and went for a swim.

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