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Yeast Experiment: It's Alive!

Alive or Not? This yeast experiment you can conduct with your little scientist explores the answer to this timeless question.

Make This Number Line: Count Place on a Lace!

Got a shoelace? Got a kindergartener? Help your child learn to use the number line by creating one out of a lace.

Create a Two-Sided Opposites Painting

Transform a single sheet of card stock into a double-sided painting of opposites: on one side, a bright daytime landscape, on the other, a dusky evening scene.

Bowling for Addition

Use empty soda bottles to create a fun bowling set that helps your first grader practice addition skills!

Cover It

First graders will love practicing addition with this fun math game.

Around the House

Use this fun math board game to improve your first grader's confidence with addition facts.

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