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Letter Sounds: S

S is for scissors! Kids circle the pictures that begin with an S sound on this reading worksheet. This worksheet is great phonics practice.

Fun with Rhymes: Match and Color

Does train rhyme with plane or goat? Let your child decide as he completes this simple matching worksheet.

C is for Cup: Review Beginning Sounds

C is for cup? This worksheet helps kids review beginning sounds by asking them to say the name of each picture and circle the letter it starts with.

Make a Word: Write the Missing Letter

Build your child's phonics skills with this reading and writing worksheet that challenges her to complete each word with the correct beginning letter.

Review Beginning Sounds F and H

What letter does the word "helmet" begin with? What about "fish"? Help your child practice beginning letters and sounds with this fun worksheet

Beginning Sounds Match-Up: Put It Away

Start your preschooler on the road to phonics success with this worksheet that asks her to match pictures with the same beginning sound.

Word Families: Meet the "-it" Sound

Help your child with his reading skills by introducing him to word families with this phonics worksheet, which teaches the word family "-it".

Words That Rhyme with "Shoe": Which One Doesn't Belong?

Looking for a worksheet to help your child's phonics skills? This printable will challenge his ability to identify words that rhyme with "shoe".

Time to Rhyme!

There's no denying that rhymes are fun, but they pack a lot of reading benefits, too. Get rhyming with this worksheet.

Write the Missing Letter: Numbers

The numbers are missing the first letter in their names! Kids completing this kindergarten reading worksheet write the correct letter to complete each name.

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